Why select ENTRUSTPR for public relations / public affairs services?

First, I'm Mitch Chandran and I own ENTRUSTPR.  My mission is to tell your story and get you noticed.

Second, I bring more than 20 years of strategic communications experience, both with government and private industry, to your table. 

Third, I am a trained journalists and communicator. I love what I do and I'm cost effective.  For me, it's about deploying your story in a compelling and persuasive manner.

Fourth, I make our service personal. I operate engaged, responsively and strategically.  Just as important, I put client service first and operate on a foundation of trust.

Fifth, ENTRUSTPR pricing is more realistic than most in the industry expecting to suck in a "boatload of money" from their clients:

a.  No brick and mortar costs to pass onto you.
b.  No utility bills to pass onto you.
c.  No staff wages or benefits to pass onto you.

All combined, this equates to a realistic and cost effective communications solution - the way it should be!
Why Select Us?
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Our Niche

ENTRUSTPR Public Relations / Public Affairs partners with the services industry and non-profit organizations at all levels, providing strategic communications support to local, regional and national projects & campaigns.

"ENTRUSTPR defines itself by its agility and relevancy to client requirements and its responsiveness to public & stakeholder demands."
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