ENTRUSTPR, Public Relations / Public Affairs, offers more than 20 years of private enterprise and Federal Government experience working with communications products, media management and training, strategic communications / communication synchronization, community initiatives and crisis communications.

Communication is information in action, thus causing an effect.

We understand our role as communicators - controlling the development and delivery of information responsibly to achieve a desired effect with a goal to articulate your story in a compelling and persuasive manner.

Our business framework and philosophy is built upon a solid and ethical foundation:

- Trusted public relations counsel to clients and delivery of trusted information products

- Loyal partner, and staff, to clients

- Integrity in all aspects of managing a business

- Commitment in all we do

Our Approach

We take a “no spin” approach in the development and delivery of information, but we do leverage and capitalize on pertinent information to make persuasive cases to audiences.

Whether you find yourself on the threshold of a crisis situation, already in one, or just merely want to get your story told to your publics, we are here to partner with you and be part of your staff. We custom tailor a communications strategy plan for synchronized delivery - getting your messages and story told to medias, communities, stakeholders and key audiences.

Our Values

MISSION: To serve as trusted counsel and provide quality PR/PA services to all levels of leadership in the services industry, non-profit and transportation enterprise with a clear goal to achieve their desired communications objectives.

VISION: To be recognized for developing and delivering effective and trusted communications.

VALUES: Built upon a foundation of trust, loyalty, integrity and commitment supporting our mission.


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(618) 610-9791

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